eaForms – a few new features that make my life easier

We have just released a new version of eaForms which, apart from a few maintenance items, has added 2 functions that I wanted to make my life a little easier, and hence I think could be of use to you.

The first relates to the use of the Genfile element field and the element linked files collection. The Genfile field is mainly used in class elements to store the source file which is linked to the class for example through a code import or code generation.  When you press F12  the filename in this field is used to select the file that is opened in an editor window.

Whereas the linked files is an element collection that can contain details of local files and web addresses.  Although we should aim to keep as much stuff as possible in the model this isn’t possible for all items, so having a reference that we can use to access the relevant item is useful.  So for these “file references” we have added the ability, within eaForms, to double click on the item whether it be a textbox containing the Genfile field or a listview of linked files, and using either the default windows associated program or an application configured in settings open the file (this can also be used to execute files if required). You can also use the context menu for textbox items as shown in the screenshot below.

Open file specified in Genfile from context menu

Open file specified in Genfile from context menu

The great thing is the ability to use a stereotyped element e.g. which contains details of the item plus the relevant filename so that you can directly open the file from within EA.

The second addition is really an experiment based on our observations of the increasing use of scripts.  We have added action buttons that will execute scripts either to

  • Save the element and then run a script
  • Run a script, and conditionally, on the result of the script, save the element or leave the form open

Furthermore, to avoid the risk that the script may not be available to the user we have embedded the script within the eaForm definition, and importantly it is the form designer who is responsible for checking it out!  As with any script related operations the uses are possibly myriad, although there are some restrictions.

Now, although these features only save seconds they can enhance the user experience or it may ensure important checks are made without the user needing to think.

If you’re new to eaForms then go to EA Workplace to download a copy to try

Do you have seemingly simple tasks you perform repeatedly that could be included as an eaForm capability?  Let us know what you need.